Who is ted dibiase jr dating

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Rick Steiner Loves Robin Green: If you are ever looking for dating tips, Jim Ross is probably NOT the guy to turn to. Art Donovan: King of the Ring 1994’s guest commentator asks the eternal question: “How much does this guy weigh? The Barbershop: Brutus Beefcake is given a talk show for no good reason (well, except for that fact that he’s Hulk Hogan’s best friend).

Ted Arcidi: World’ Strongest Man who moved with all the speed of a tectonic plate.

Didn’t keep the Bisch from promoting the match, though! Vince Mc Mahon actually bought out the prime Saturday night timeslot on WTBS way back in the early 80’s…and the audience roundly rejected his product. Family Matters with the Bushwackers: Urkel versus the Bushwackers. The Bodydonnas: Simon Dean, just 10 years earlier and with two guys instead of one. Bastion Booger: Mike Shaw is crammed inside a dingy gray singlet and told to belch, fart, and eat stuff from a garbage can. Chainsaw Charlie: Terry Funk becomes a chainsaw wielding maniac, all while wearing panty hose on his head.

No one else does either, because it never happened. The Good Housekeeping Match: There was once a time when Vince Mc Mahon thought it was so crucial to have Chyna pin Jeff Jarrett that he paid 0,000 to see it happen. A Jobbertastic TNT: Mario Mancini AND Frankie Williams on the same show? Macho Libre: Not sure what’s more shocking: that Vince Mc Mahon still hates Randy Savage, or that he somehow knew there was a movie called “Nacho Libre”. And this would be another one, which apparently is romantic. “Obama.” Santa Claus : Revamped, and much larger version of the original non-wrestling Christmas movie induction! Big Show’s Dad Dies: The Big Bossman ruins the Big Show’s daddy’s funeral by stealing his casket. The Blonde Bytch Project: Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie finally get a chance to shine in WWE, and it all falls apart because Vince has never heard of the Blair Witch Project. Blu Twins: The Harris twins in the third of 713 failed personas. Me neither, but you can have them with this official WWF COOKBOOK!

The 2004 Diva Search: WWE finds a way to make 10 beautiful, voluptous women boring. Divas in Hedonism: Half naked gorgeous women…and then they talk, and your erection goes bye bye.

Divas Undressed: You’d think there would be no way to screw up a beauty contest with WWE’s hottest ladies.

Wrestle Mania VII Blindfold Match: Hotly debated induction in which Jake Roberts and Rick Martel act like they can’t see, which causes them to be unable to wrestle as well. He went from super hot prospect and TNA poster boy to seeing his career vanish in the span of about two weeks. Cyber City: Roddy Piper vehicle in which he plays a crazy priest. The Denver Nuggets Fiasco of 2009: Vince Mc Mahon gets in a pissing match with the owner of the Denver Nuggets over a booked date. Instead, we get the most boring divas imaginable playing the most boring game of strip poker imaginable. Cloudy (or Kloudi): After being dumped by Sunny, the Bodydonnas introduce their new cross-dressing manager – Cloudy. The Coach: Former legend John Tolos blows a whistle incessantly to the annoyance of everyone.

Not only was she a fantastic performer, but I was lucky enough to consider her a dear friend and I will miss her greatly. The Warrior Battle Goldust: You know what Warrior always needed? WWE on The Weakest Link: Featuring Booker T, the World’s Dumbest Man! Piggy James: Because WWE can’t tolerate a size 2 Diva. Small Wonder featuring the Body: A robotic little girl befriends the Body in a show so horrible it would make you long for the witticisms of Learning the Ropes. Akeem: Chicago tough One Man Gang becomes a black man in the Slickster’s parking lot voodoo ceremony. Vinnie Vegas: Kevin Nash rolls the bones…and comes up snake eyes. The Grinch: The movie that almost drove RD to HATE Christmas! ” “Pirate” Paul Birchill: If only Vince Mc Mahon knew what Pirates of the Caribbean was. “Adorable” Adrian Adonis: Talented tough guy Adonis gets on Vince’s bad side and is forced to prance about in women’s clothing. Apparently they were having a clearance sale at Pier One. The Rock Comic Book: The Rock may have been the most electrifying man in showbiz, but he sure made for a boring comic book character. Santina, Miss Wrestle Mania: Remember that one time Santino Marella WASN’T funny? Shelton Benjamin’s Mama: Shelton Benjamin’s mama was so fat…eh, nah, too easy. Battle Kat: Break out the kitty litter for the WWF’s wrestling feline. Bikini Blast-Off: All the top WWF superstars sunbathe indoor as wrestling plumber TL Hopper investigates what appears to be a turd at the bottom of the pool. Brother Love: VERY controversial induction as we tackle the Roddy Piper-Morton Downey Jr. We could understand people saying this wasn’t Wrestle Crap, but well…no we can’t. Punjabi Prison: The Great Khali gets his own match! Sting’s Moment of Truth: We have nothing against religious movies. Rob Bartlett: Unfunny funny man who did commentary during the early days of Monday Night Raw.

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