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Older Delhi-ites marvel that Metro workers do an extraordinary thing for notoriously bureaucratic Indian civil servants: they quickly respond to complaints.

In a feat of engineering, construction workers are building almost seven miles of underground tunnels and nearly 32 miles of above-ground track without closing major roads.

So, though we have a satellite named after Aryabhatta few Indian schoolchildren know much about him.Kurkur's Aman Guest House, located near the Godhra railway station, was virtually the base of terror. on February 26, 2002, the evening before the murders, six people held a war council at Aman Guest House.They included Behera, Kurkur, Salim Paanwala, alias Badam, and Salim Zarda. The strategy was simple: at the slightest provocation from the Ramsevaks, or even without one, begin a full-fledged assault.In modern Western thought, the first writers to divide the world into "world religions" were Christians.Originally, three religions were recognized: Christians, Jews and pagans (i.e., everybody else).

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