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Article 14 (d) sets out the right to education of rural women, which includes the right to obtain all types of training and education, formal and non-formal, including that relating to functional literacy.Lastly Article 16 sets out the rights of women with respects to marriage and family life.Young women are also more likely to be excluded from upper secondary education in the Caucasus and Central Asia, Northern Africa, Southern Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and Western Asia.Despite gains in rates of girls’ enrolment in primary school there are disparities in completion rates.It has often been said that the devil has all the best songs. The Satanic majesties have requested we compile a list of our Top 10 Devil songs.Over the years many classic rockers have written songs about good old Lucifer.

For example, in Tanzania, near universal enrollment for girls at the primary level has been achieved with a retention rate of 89.2%, yet girls’ transition rate to secondary level is only 32.3% (Inequalities and discrimination linked to location, poverty, and gender intersect to compound disparities in completion and transition rates.Of the 142 million youth out of school (an out-of-school rate of 37%) at the upper secondary level, 69.1 million are girls (48.7%) and 72.7 million are boys (51.2%).These statistics, however, mask disparities at the regional and country level.At the primary level 61 million children are out of school (a global out-of-school rate of 9%), 32.1 million of whom are girls (53%).Where out-of-school rates are higher, the gender gap tends to be wider.

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